B2B Appointment Setting

Close More Sales & Net New Business with B2B Appointment Setting

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, exceptional talent, and proven methodology B2B Only is one of the top B2B appointment setting firms in the country. 

We have spent over 20 years developing our marketing-leading appointment setting services in the industry. In addition, our business development representatives have an average of 10 to 15 years of experience in outbound marketing campaigns. You can expect nothing but the best from our appointment setting experts at B2B Only.


B2B Only’s Appointment Setting Process

Connect and Converse with Key Influencers and Decision Makers

It’s critical to have your sales team talk with key influencers and decision-makers in your target market. With B2B appointment setting, B2B Only takes the extra step to connect you and your sales team with your defined target contact. We’ll coordinate a time to meet that works best for both you and your prospect. 


Coordinate Calendars with Company Sales Team Meeting Invites

To avoid scheduling conflicts, we utilize a campaign-specific email account, provided by our client, where your sales reps can enable visibility permissions. That way, when B2B Only has a prospect on the line, we can see your reps’ availability while we confirm the appointment date and time. Then, we send the calendar invite out, all in real-time. 


Close More Efficiently And Effectively

Our B2B appointment setting service will help you identify net new business and close deals more deals effectively.


Contact B2B Only Today to Start Setting Appointments

Your business needs professional prospectors to help generate appointments, bolster your sales pipeline, and keep your sales team selling. B2B Only gets you where you need to be with the right pre-qualified prospects for your business. 

Contact us today for more information about our appointment setting services.


B2B Appointment Setting Tips & FAQs

What is B2B Appointment Setting?

Appointment setting is the process of identifying and qualifying potential customers (leads) with the goal of scheduling a meeting, a demo, or sales call. 

B2B (business to business) appointment setting specifically focuses on helping you connect with your target market and companies that are a good match for your services.


What are the Benefits of B2B Appointment Setting Services?

  • Less time spent on qualifying leads
  • Less time spent finding prospects
  • Expose you to deals you might not have had
  • Focus more on closing
  • Close more sales


Why Should I Hire an Appointment Setting Service?

Appointing setting companies specialize in qualifying leads for your business. We then set up a meeting with the companies that have a genuine interest, pain, or need related to your offerings.

A B2B appointment setting service can help you spend less time identifying new prospects and allow you to focus more on how to successfully close a deal.

Contact B2B Only to hire our highly experienced team of appointment setters.


Why are You Better Than Your Competitors?

It comes down to one simple word: experience. Our representatives have an average of 10 to 15 years of experience in outbound calling campaigns. Experience makes a huge difference, especially when it comes to making cold calls.on behalf of complex offerings.

Contact B2B Only to learn more about what makes us stand out from competing appointment setting companies.

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