B2B Cold Calling

Turn a Cold Call into a Warm Conversation with B2B Only

As more marketing efforts shift to the digital landscape, it’s easy for marketers to lose a personal touch. 

For the majority of us, it’s easy to delete a cold email without reading it. It’s a one-sided conversation that we don’t feel the need to continue. 

But at B2B Only, we believe cold calls still have a place in the marketing world. Our highly experienced team excels at prospecting through cold calling.  

We understand how to turn a cold call into a warm conversation. Our team of cold calling experts is trained to make stakeholders feel comfortable talking about their business’s challenges, providing a natural opening to share your product or service.



How We Do B2B Cold Calling

Build & Vet Target Lists

No one knows your company’s ideal customer profile as well as you and your sales team. 

We will collaborate with your team to ensure we fully understand your ideal customer and client base. Once we have an idea of your target audience, we’ll begin to create target lists or vet your existing list so your sales reps don’t have to waste time cold calling prospects who have a low likelihood of turning into new business. 


Write an In-Depth Cold Calling Script

Along with creating a target list, we’ll also work with your team to develop an in-depth script for calling prospects. Our scripts introduce your company, the benefits of your products or service, and address commonly asked questions and rebuttals your prospects may have. 



Cold Call & Close

Now that we have the vetted target lists and script in hand, it’s time for us to start making cold calls. From there, our team will use the script we collaboratively built with your sales team to start cold calling our list of vetted contacts.



Contact Us for More B2B Cold Calling Information

Cold calling isn’t dead. In fact, it’s still one of the most effective methods of generating qualified leads and new business. 

Our team’s cold calling skills can seamlessly shift a cold sales call into a warm, comfortable conversation between your company and another business. 

To learn more about B2B Only’s cold calling service, contact us today.

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