B2B Event Recruitment & Attendance

Event Recruitment & Attendance Services

Whether you’re planning an in-person or virtual event, B2B Only can take the lead on event recruitment with our outbound calling campaigns.


How it Works: B2B Event Recruitment & Attendance

Generate Awareness for Your Event

Awareness is everything when it comes to event recruitment and attendance.

If prospects aren’t aware of an event, then they can’t register or attend. The first part of our B2B event recruitment service focuses on generating awareness. We’ll answer any questions or concerns prospective attendees have using a  custom script we work to develop with your team.


Register Prospects

Once we’ve found prospects interested in attending your event, the B2B Only team will personally register them through dedicated landing pages we can create for the event. We’ll use our appointment setting skills to confirm their availability and the date of their appointment. 

This makes the process easy for both your team and prospects.


Follow Up After the Event

Following the event, we’ll reach out to your attendees (as well as prospects who registered but did not attend) to qualify them as potential sales leads for your company or organization. Then, your company will have quick-access references for warm and cold leads, based on your event.


Get Started with Recruitment & Attendance Services

Ready to start planning your next virtual or in-person event? 

Contact our recruitment and attendance service specialists at B2B Only today to get started. 

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