B2B Database Clean Up & Vetting

Update Your B2B Database

In the world of B2B data, the data decay rate is estimated to be over 70% per year

Which is why you should vet and clean up your target at least once a year. But going through target lists takes a lot of time and effort. Valuable time that your sales team needs to generate leads and sales.

Outsourcing your database clean up and vetting to our experts at B2B Only will save your sales team time and effort, helping you grow your sales while saving you money.


How We Do B2B Database Clean Up & Vetting

Precall the Target List

To keep your target list and database up to date, we’ll call and contact through the target list you give us from top to bottom. Through this process, we vet prospects, update contact information, and more, all to help your sales teams focus on targeting highly qualified prospects that will be far more likely to work with your business.


Update Contact Information

As we go through the target list, we’ll make note of any changes to contact information, such as:

  • New point of contact
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Best contact method

Any contacts at businesses that no longer exist will be cleared out and all contact information will be updated as needed.


Enrich Contact Data

 In our experience, updating contact information is doing the bare minimum. 

Any person or company can remove or edit contact information. We aren’t just any company. B2B Only enriches the contact information with additional data that you specify, including (but not limited to):

  • Employee count
  • Annual revenue
  • Software and solutions
  • Overall prospecting value

This information will help your sales team determine which contacts are warmer, colder, and which are more likely to close.


Clean Your B2B Database Now

There’s never a bad time to get some cleaning done. Especially when cleaning your target lists can help your sales reps focus on what they do best: closing deals

Our team at B2B Only goes above and beyond for our clients. We enrich target lists with more details to help a prospect become a lead, and a lead becomes new business. 

Contact us now for more information about our B2B database clean up and vetting program.

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