5 Red Flags to Look for in B2B Lead Generation Companies

5 red flags

Choosing a B2B lead generation company to work with can be difficult, especially if you’re not well-versed in the field. 

With all of the options out there, it’s hard to know where to start. This post will help you narrow your search by helping you identify 5 of the most common red flags we see in other B2B lead generation companies. 

By following these tips, you’ll be able to avoid or get out of an existing relationship with subpar B2B lead generation companies while saving you time and money. 


1. Lack of Transparency

One of the biggest red flags to look out for is lack of transparency. 

You should be wary of any B2B lead generation company that isn’t transparent about how they are gathering and building your lead sheets. These companies often produce lists of low-quality, low-value, irrelevant, and even outdated leads and contact information. 

A quality, just worthy B2B lead generation partner will be transparent with their data and processes, in order to build trust with their clients (you!) and drive the best results possible. 

With B2B Only, we will be more than your dedicated outsourced lead generation company. We work hard to build a partnership with our clients, from writing cold calling scripts to vetting leads before calling the lead list.


2. Making Guarantees That Can’t be Guaranteed

One of the easiest red flags to spot with B2B lead generation companies is when a company guarantees results. 

With lead generation, there’s never a guarantee of producing a set amount of leads each month. Any B2B lead generation company that promises you a specific number or range of monthly leads or guaranteed leads in a set period of time is probably not the most honest company to work with.

At B2B Only, our focus is on consistency and quality. We are transparent and upfront with our clients in that we can’t guarantee or promise the number of leads they’ll get each month. 

However, we can promise you that we’ll use our experience, skills, software, and our signature internal quality assurance processes to not just give you “good” leads ––– but the best and most qualified leads for your business.


3. Failing to Report KPIs or Sales Metrics

 A sign of a quality B2B lead generation company is that they will consistently track, benchmark, and report on their clients’ key performance indicators (KPIs). 

It’s a major red flag if your B2B lead generation company or partner does not track or report on your KPIs. You can’t know if B2B lead generation services are a success or failure if you aren’t tracking results and the exact dollar value that their services are bringing to your business.

You’ll never get radio silence from B2B Only. Not only do we track your business’s KPIs, but we also send reports and break them down for you if you have any questions.


4. Not Understanding What They’re Selling

Good salespeople research their clients, and the products and services their clients are selling. 

If the salespeople at the B2B lead generation companies aren’t taking the time to ask questions in order to fully understand your business and your goals, why would you work with them at all?

When you outsource lead generation to the salespeople and prospectors at B2B Only, you can expect us to become outsourced experts on your product or service. Right off the bat, our team strives to learn everything we can about your product or service, your business, your goals, and more.


5. Not Generating Leads That Fit Your Company

B2B lead generation companies should be committed to generating qualified leads for businesses. But not all leads are equal. If you’re getting leads that aren’t the right fit for your business, then your lead generation company isn’t doing right by you.

B2B Only uses a proven vetting system and our own internal quality assurance process to ensure all leads are qualified leads for your business.


Find a Better B2B Lead Generation Company at B2B Only

No B2B lead generation company is perfect. Even the best teams in the business may have hiccups from time to time but shouldn’t take away from their transparency and results in providing qualified leads for your business.

If you’re seeing several red flags, you might want to consider contacting a better B2B lead generation company.

B2B Only is that company. We create a partnership with your business from the very beginning. We’ll work with you, not against you, to ensure we know your products, services, and your business’s goals — inside and out — so that we can help you generate qualified leads.

For more information about our B2B lead generation program and other services, contact B2B Only.

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